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 No fluff, just straight bars, processes, and real skills. From getting your business organized and making money while you catch some sleep, to keeping your focus sharp even if ADHD is throwing punches at your brand or business, we have courses to help you dodge the obstacles and keep your dreams rolling. 

We keep it light, we keep it simple, and we keep it real. Let’s rise up together, learn some cool stuff, and make moves that matter. Because around here, we build, we grow, we shine – and we do it as one. Let’s get it! Take a Look Below at the courses available now!

All  Below Classes Are Only $10 For The Next 48 Hours. Click On Course To Purchase




All  Above Classes Are Only $10 For The Next 48 Hours. Click On Course To Purchase

Know this: each click above isn't just a purchase; it’s a power move towards a better YOU and a lush future. Derrick Harper Sr. is handing you the keys to a kingdom of knowledge, all practical, zero gimmicks, and pure actionable insight, specially curated for your grind.

Think about it - a tiny $10 investment for a mountain of wisdom that’s going to shift your world, elevate your hustle, and transform those dreams into tangible reality. This ain’t your regular e-course setup; it’s your ticket to break cycles, build empires, and uplift not just you, but your whole community.

Secure that wisdom, make that move, and let’s create waves of success together and mold a future we all wanna live in. Dive in, level up, and let’s turn those goals into achievements! 🚀🔥💼